1 MILLION Subscribers Celebration!

1 MILLION Subscribers Celebration!

1 MILLION Subscribers Celebration!


Oh, I know it's, so exciting, hey everybody! It's, doctor jo and the pups, and we wanted to celebrate one million subscribers yay. Oh, my gosh, I can't believe that we've hit 1 million subscribers, and I wanted to thank you, the viewers for making that happen.

And so to celebrate 1 million subscribers, I wanted to share some facts with you about 1 million. and they're gonna be brought to you by the pups. yeah. So let's, get started., hey guys. Did you know that one million miles will get you to the moon and back twice so I'm gonna fly there and back two whole times.

, hello, everybody. I just wanted you to know that one million seconds almost makes 16,667 minutes.. Speaking of minutes, there's almost 16,667 hours in 1 million minutes and then 1 million hours is almost 41,667 days.

Whoo. how many million days in years, almost 2,740.. Oh, my hey guys bear here.. You know i love playing ball, so much.. So did you know at Williams-Brice stadium, where my awesome gamecocks play? If you put 1 million people in the stadium, it would fill it twelve and a half times that's.

A lot of tennis balls too.! Well, thank you pups. So much for those very interesting and apparently very sleepy facts about one million.. But in all seriousness I wanted to thank you all for subscribing to my channel and watching all my videos.

and thank you so much for all the support. and I and the puppies want to say thank you for 1 million subscribers be safe., have fun. and I Hope you feel better soon.

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