Which Celebrity Has The Best Taco Recipe?

Which Celebrity Has The Best Taco Recipe?

Which Celebrity Has The Best Taco Recipe?

   Hey everybody. This is Vic, and today we're, going to be testing out four different, celebrity taco recipes to find out which one is actually the best on today's lineup we have recipes from Danny Trejo, Arun Sanchez, Eva Longoria, and the legendary Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, I measured out all the ingredients exactly as each recipe stated, and I got three taco lovers to choose their favorite taco in a blind taste test so which celebrity has the best taco recipe.

Let's find out. First up is Danny Trejo's. Carnitas tacos Danny starts out by oven roasting, a pork shoulder for approximately three hours. Then roughly chopping it into little bits. Then he puts it in a non-stick pan patting down with the spatula until we achieve a beautiful golden brown.

Now it's time to build. First, we throw down our tortilla a layer of carnitas some raw onions, some pickled onions. Then we garnish with a little bit of cilantro and there you have it Danny Trejo's, cardio tacos, okay! This is my tortilla.

This is something that we definitely use at my household, I'm excited the red onions. Are a nice touch? Yeah there's fire. I love the onion. It definitely gives it a nice kick to it that's. What I'm talking about this is like the tacos you get in the street after you've been like drinking a few beers.

This is definitely more like taco truck taco. You get the full tortilla. I see my family cookies, so this is really good. It's like cold. Basically, i give it a thumbs up. This is really good. Next up is Arron Sanchez.

He starts off by marinating, skirt steak overnight, then generously seasoning with salt and pepper. Then he grills the skirt steak for approximately five to six minutes on each side. Until he achieves a beautiful, medium rare, then he takes his skirt steak out and let's rest for approximately 10 minutes.

Now it's. Sauce time adon starts by baking his tomatillo sauce ingredients, and he throws it in a blender to combine all the ingredients into a beautiful tomatillo sauce. Once the steak is rested now it's, time to chop it up and start building our taco.

He starts off with two warm tortillas. Then he puts two to three slices of the skirt steak, topped with a teaspoon of the tomatillo sauce, some raw onions, then garnish with some cilantro and some limes, and there you have it aroma sanchez's, cardi asada tacos.

So this one looks like it's presented nicely. I can definitely see the tomatillo sauce on it and salsa verde. This is this looks like my taco for sure check this out. I like the salsa. I'd - love it. If it were a little spicier steak is really good.

Sauce is really good. It's like coming apart a lot. The meat is nice. The steak is, is really good and i just like more cilantro and onion for sure to make it a taco. Taco, if it was uh on a scale of one to ten, I'd, go with like a five and a half it's, a decent taco.

It's, not the best, but it's. Decent next up is Eva Longoria's, taco recipe. She starts by putting together guacamole by dicing tomatoes and avocados. Then she finely chops, white, onion and fresh cilantro.

Then Eva grabs, her guacos, add salt and lemon juice and stirs gently until combined next she takes her steak and seasons generously with chili powder and salt. Then she oils her pan and cooks. The steak for about five to six minutes per side until she gets a nice medium rare.

Then she thinly cuts her steak and sets it aside. Ooh that juice though then, interestingly, she cuts her tortillas into squares. Then she throws them on a pan and warms them up until we get a nice color and now it's time to build.

She adds a couple of pieces of steak, chunky, guacos and holds it all together with a toothpick and there you have it Eva Longoria's, tacos! Okay! This is such a cute little taco. It looks like something that probably get like a nice restaurant.

They'll, probably charge like 20 for like a little piece of taco, let's, give it a try, but let's. Take this off because I'm too clumsy simple ingredients, but it's. Put together it's like really good.

It's, a great two biter taco for sure. So i definitely um ask for more. It's like a nice appetizer toothpick through it that way, everybody picks up individual, like taco portions, but it's good and now the recipe you've all been waiting for Frida Kahlo's tacos.

She starts off by finely chopping serrano peppers, keeping the seeds in to make sure to bring the heat and then frida peels and seeds, tomatoes and dices them. Then, in a non-stick pan frida combines butter, onions, the serrano chilies and our tomato mix.

Then she lets the mixture cook for 10 minutes. Until the tomatoes are thoroughly cooked, then Frida adds shrimp and cooks until just heated through frida starts your taco with a corn tortilla, adding the shrimp tomato chili mix on the top garnish with cilantro and lime, and it's ready to go damn son.

This one looks good: it has some chili peppers in there. I'm, expecting a little bit of heat. I would like it if I had two tortillas for sure, because it's hard to pick up, but a little bit of sweetness to it.

I love that it's spicy, it definitely has jalapenos. I can feel it looking at the shrimp they're, like nice size shrimp. I would definitely say it's like a higher end green restaurant yeah. I can have three of these for sure to go sorry, which celebrity has the best tacos time to pick our winner out of the four celebrity tacos.

My favorite probably has to be doing with the purple onions the onions on this look like they're pickled, really good. If you didn't cook it with a machete, then that ain't right out of these four celebrity recipes.

I'm, going with birth steak, nicely done perfect, toppings on it and it just tasted the best. It does make sense. I think she's done, like other things, with food out of the four celebrity tacos. My favorite one has to be the one with the toothpick, because it had the avocado a small portion of the meat, and it was just a two biter that I can definitely not feel guilty of grabbing ten or five whatever it is.

Who is it? Oh okay, and there you have it Eva Longoria - has the best tacos, which recipe should we try? Next, leave a comment below [ Music ]. You

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