You deserve to relax this Holiday Season with this INSANE deal 🎁

You deserve to relax this Holiday Season with this INSANE deal 🎁

Let us face it - working smarter sure does beat working harder, don't you agree?


And not just with work, either...🎁


There are PLENTY of opportunities to be smart about your decisions in ALL areas of life. Otherwise, you are just making it harder on yourself. 


Seems obvious, right? However, most folks tend to choose the latter. 


For example, shopping smart is all about finding the best bang for your buck. 


And why wouldn't you??🎁


You have put in the time to earn it, which is why we want to take a moment to recognize that.


It is time to recognize those long hours you put in, those never-ending email chains you read, those unnecessary meetings you attend, and those anxious moments of your boss looking over your shoulders. 


Yes, it is time you give yourself some overdue credit where it is due. That is what the Season is all about! 


We cannot tell you how much we appreciate your contribution to society, and because of that, we have some good news!


You may not know it, but you just made a smart decision by opening this email today. 


Why? Because we put together a little something special for you. 


TODAY ONLY, take 30% off Each item. Just spend $30 at the checkout.🎁


Celebrate your SMART work ethics this Holiday Season by gifting yourself (or someone you know) a little something this holiday by shopping today:


You deserve this. 


William Floyd


P.S. Just like the end of the workday, this deal is clocking out Soon. That said, be sure to stay on task and not miss out on these incredible store wide savings by getting storewide discounts on everything in the store. 🎁

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